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Mushroom soup (Supa cu ciuperci)

Mushroom soup Ingredients

Ingredients: For days the post is a delicious and nourishing supica. We need the following ingredients: 1 / 2 kg mushrooms carrots 1 turnip 3 connections November 1 November 1 Contact Contact petrunjel root parsley 1 medium onion 50 ml oil 1 handful rice optional salt to taste Vegeta + Add to the list!

Mushroom soup Preparation

Recipe: Mushrooms are cleaned, washed and cut them into cubes, kale and parsley carrots as they cut onions finely cut slices and Calima in 50 ml oil, add mushrooms and their quality Saramati leaving them with the onions for 10 minutes Turn all water and then add carrots, parsley and simmer until vegetables let Gulia are cooked and then add finely chopped parsley as needed with Vegeta spice and salt if you can add a handful of rice and good appetite!


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