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Chicken salad with nuts (Salata de Pui cu Nuca)

Chicken salad with nuts Ingredients

Ingredients: 3 green salad onions or a fried chicken breast cooked 2 hard boiled eggs 2-3 bundles of radishes tomatoes 200 g 100 g cheese celery March 1 sliced ​​lemon 2 tablespoons walnut 10 mieji of oil a link dill pepper salt + Add to the list!

Chicken salad with nuts Preparation

Wash and cut lettuce true, add chopped green onion and finely chopped dill and blend well sprinkle with lemon juice to taste, place oil, pepper, salt and pour some water over top of it Put slices of tomatoes and egg Finally, sprinkle chopped walnut kernels, diced chicken, celery once grated, and grated apple or past sliced ​​again Drizzle with lemon juice and cover it with Swiss cheese salad with walnuts Garnish with sliced ​​radishes and tomato


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