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Venison stew with (Papricas cu Carne de Caprioara)

Venison stew with Ingredients

Ingredients: 600-700 g venison (or you can use chicken, beef or pork) 3 medium onions (I used green onion tails) 3 tbsp pepper paste carrots 3 tablespoons broth or tomato juice 300 ml oil Vegeta olives, pepper, parsley and fresh thyme (I love the flavor of thyme in food and especially if fresh is even more delicious) For the dumplings we need: 2 eggs, about 5-6 tablespoons of flour (depends on how are eggs large) one teaspoon baking powder Vegeta + Add to the list!

Venison stew with Preparation

Finely chopped vegetables to suppress in a little olive oil with 2-3 tablespoons water 5 minutes then add leaves and stir meat When the meat has changed color and pour the juice of red pepper paste, add some broth vegetables enough to cover all ingredients Season with Vegeta and pepper and let it simmer with lid about 1.5-2 hours Meanwhile prepare dumplings: In bowl beat eggs in a well with a pinch of salt and if you can put a tip knife garlic powder Mix baking powder with flour and eggs, then incorporate flour into a paste to get thicker, but not very thick carefully because the risk to our country out dumplings in a pot put water and salt, let it boil, We then spoon the dumplings in water composition and let them boil for about 10 minutes, strain, and when food is almost ready to put the dumplings in it, it takes 5 minutes to let the flavors of food and put on top of finely chopped herbs including thyme


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