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Cold rolls with cheese (Rulada Rece cu Branza de Vaci)

Cold rolls with cheese Ingredients

Ingredients: For dough: 150g flour 150ml water 100ml oil 4 eggs a pinch of salt For the filling: 1 / 2 pounds cream cheese dill to do a knife edge sweet paprika a pinch of salt a pinch pepper knife + Add to the list !

Cold rolls with cheese Preparation

Boil water with oil and salt when the heat comes boils, add the flour in bulk and chew quickly until the dough becomes homogeneous Let cool and add eggs one at a time when the dough is mixed well upside down in a tray greased with oil over medium heat Bring (th 6) for 30-35 min Even if the dough begins to swell unevenly during cooking, do not worry, it's normal! While dough is baking prepare filling: cheese (can use in place of cows or sheep cheese of good quality) is rubbed with finely chopped dill Add remaining ingredients and rub well if too dry cheese, please Add a tablespoon of sunflower oil a homogeneous When cheese is refrigerate the dough is cooked take it out on a damp cloth and brush top with cheese paste Run slowly and put in a plastic film rolls, raising well pushed refrigerator for 2, 3 hours


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