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Crunchy cookies with almonds and apricot jam (Fursecuri Crocante cu Migdale si Gem de Caise)

Crunchy cookies with almonds and apricot jam Ingredients

Ingredients: For one serving / 48-50 pcs: Dough: -225 g -150 g flour -30 g cold butter, ground almonds -1 -1 teaspoon baking powder yolk Filling: -4 tablespoons apricot jam or crushed almonds -50 g sliced ​​Glaze: milk-chocolate, melted + Add to the list!

Crunchy cookies with almonds and apricot jam Preparation

Mix the sifted flour in a bowl with baking powder and sugar, ground almonds, egg and butter chopped Knead all fast food wrapped in foil and let cool for 60 minutes to mold the pieces of dough rolls with a thickness of 1 May cm (do not make too thin because coca is very early and you risk to break and now after being cooked), then pressed by means of linear parallelepiped into a 5-6 cm cut into pieces, place them spaced in a wallpaper tray baking paper and make a dent on the length, the press (here be inventive!), keeping the ends in the form page (pictures will illuminate) Heat a little jam to become more fluid and fill the holes of each cookie then sprinkle with sliced ​​almonds (you can put the jam in a bag in hot water until the jam becomes fluid, cut a corner a little bag and jam on each cookie assigned) Give preancalzit oven for about 10 min at 180 degrees or until dough is cooked and golden cookies get a slight tinge Watch bake oven for a few minutes to quickly Let cool in pan, then remove to a rack and let cool Meanwhile melt chocolate in a bain-marie, transfer a dui in a small POS and glazes as desired (you can do with chocolate frosting as race for jam heated bag)


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