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Cheese Appetizer (Aperitiv cu Branza)

Cheese Appetizer Ingredients

Ingredients: Cottage cheese, sheep's skin thick cream 2-3 tablespoons butter 2 cloves garlic salt half onion tomato basil (I did had I put the box) olive oil bread + Add to the list!

Cheese Appetizer Preparation

Cut bread slices, put on each of them a slice of butter, place them in pan on a dam in a hot oven 5-7 minutes, to dry the surface a bit in the meantime put a bowl of cottage cheese skin, the mutton, chopped onions (green onions if you is even better), chopped garlic, cream, salt, basil Mix all Remove tray from oven well, put on each slice composition, we again in the oven, leave to get a golden color, remove pan and put the tomatoes, more leave for 2-3 minutes and serve them with a little olive oil


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