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Onionbaconcream cheese sauce Recipe

Onion-bacon-cream cheese sauce , Onion-bacon-cream cheese sauce ingredients , Onion-bacon-cream cheese sauce preparation,Onion-bacon-cream cheese sauce recipe

Onionbaconcream cheese sauce

Recipe Ingredients for Onionbaconcream cheese sauce

Onionbaconcream cheese sauce ingredients:

2 pcs small onion
75 grams Bacon
200 ml Broth
125 grams Herb cream cheese
1 tbsp Cream
some Salt and pepper
little light gravy

Onionbaconcream cheese sauce Recipe Directions

Onionbaconcream cheese sauce preparation:

Onions and bacon into small cubes.

Both in a pan until the bacon is omitted and the onions are browned nicely.

Broth, cream cheese and add and stir thoroughly. Thicken the sauce, stirring something can be. If necessary, thicken with a little gravy.

Season the sauce with the spices.


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