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Basic Recipe Puff Pastry

Basic Recipe Puff Pastry

Ingredients for Basic Recipe Puff Pastry

500 grams Flour
1 tsp Salt
1st Yolk
For the butter mixture 500 grams
cold butter 100 grams
Flour and flour to work

Basic Recipe Puff Pastry Directions

1st 400 g flour 1 tsp salt, egg yolks 150 ml water and knead into a smooth dough and refrigerate 30 minutes.

2nd 500 g butter 100 g flour, knead, shape into a flat brick and cool about 30 minutes.

3rd Place the dough on a floured surface, roll out thin, about 3 mm. Butter bricks lay in the middle and stretch the Teigecken tightly over the butter pieces. The whole thing about a finger thick roll out into a rectangle.

4th Fold dough from the first third of the dough over the middle third, then put the remaining third over. Roll out dough into a rectangle again.

5th The four-piece sheet of dough then fold (each quarter over the other fold). Dough in cling film wrap and let rest for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

6th Roll the dough into a rectangle and then again as in Step 4 put together again. Roll out again and fold it again in four parts (Step 5).

7th The dough to rest overnight in the refrigerator the next day and processed appropriately.

Per 100 g: 525 kJ, 39 g KH kcal/2210, 6 g protein, 39 g F p>


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