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Butter cream cake for grandma39s recipe

Butter cream cake for grandma39s recipe

Ingredients for Butter cream cake for grandma39s recipe

2 Pk Vanilla pudding powder
500 grams Butter
400 grams Sugar
300 grams Flour
1 / 2 Pt Baking powder
4 pcs Eggs
L 1 Milk
10 tablespoons Sugar
4 tbsp Water
1 Pk Chocolate chips (fancy)
1 Pk Cherries (decoration)
1 Pk Brittle (decoration)

Butter cream cake for grandma39s recipe Directions

Beat eggs, water, sugar and vanilla sugar, about 8 minutes until foamy nice: For the sponge base. So that the mass is really nice fluffy. Flour and baking powder then fold into the egg mixture and mix. All in a greased Sprinform and bake at 180 ° C in the oven for about 45 minutes.

Cook the pudding according to package instructions: For the butter cream. The best way to cool overnight. The butter until fluffy and lift the spoon pudding underneath. It is important that pudding and butter have the same temperature, otherwise the butter cream curdles.

Carefully remove the sponge cake from the mold and still warm cut by 2-3 times. The individual plates are then besteichen with butter cream and assemble the layers of cake. Cool over night best in the fridge.

The almost finished, carefully remove cake from the mold at the edge and top with embellished with Krokantsteusel Schokosteusel. As a special eye-catcher can still cherries on top.


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