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Wildbase sauce Recipe

Wild-base sauce , Wild-base sauce ingredients , Wild-base sauce preparation,Wild-base sauce recipe

Wildbase sauce

Recipe Ingredients for Wildbase sauce

Wildbase sauce ingredients:

1 kg Wild bones
100 grams Tendons and meat sections
10 g Butter
20 g Rape seed oil
100 grams Concentrated tomato purée
L 1 Dry red wine
30 grams Wholemeal flour fine
L 1 Wild chicken stock onw production
100 grams Wild cranberries
2nd Garlic cloves (pressed) 4th Bay leaves
5 grams Juniper berries
4 g Whole allspice
4 g Schwrze peppercorns
15 grams Rock salt
350 grams Roasted vegetables (celery, carrots, leeks)

Wildbase sauce Recipe Directions

Wildbase sauce preparation:

The game with the bone Parüs roast and add vegetables and spicy tomato puree and fry. Deglaze with red wine a part. The red wine can reduce. If it starts again roast, red wine and casting on the nights of the entire repeat it a third time. With the dusting of flour, pour the cranberries and with this fund.

Let the sauce simmer for about 3 hours now. In between times always skim off the fat and foam. Give in the final minutes laurel leaves, garlic, pepper and allspice and a little to let stand. Pass the sauce and season with salt.


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