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Thuringian bratwurst with Sauerkrautkchlein Recipe

Thuringian bratwurst with Sauerkrautkchlein

Recipe Ingredients for Thuringian bratwurst with Sauerkrautkchlein

300 grams Barrel Sauerkraut
300 grams Potatoes
1 pc Red onion
1 pc Egg
Wheat flour
Salt, freshly ground pepper
Lard for frying
4 pcs Thuringian bratwurst
Sweet mustard

Thuringian bratwurst with Sauerkrautkchlein Recipe Directions

Large Peel potatoes and cook for 5 minutes in the whole. They should only be cooked, but also no longer be quite crude.

Barrel Sauerkraut express thoroughly, it should be as dry as possible.

Cabbage, finely diced onion and grated potatoes in a bowl. Mix with egg, flour and other ingredients thoroughly.

Lard or oil in a pan with a ladle into hot fat pile of give and flatten with a fork. The Sauerkrautk├╝chlein should be golden brown on both sides.

Separately, fry the sausages and serve with a good mustard. This agrees with a fresh salad.


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