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Sweet stew Recipe

Sweet stew

Recipe Ingredients for Sweet stew

750 g Goulash mixed
2 pcs Carrots, 300 grams
2 pcs Onions, 300 grams
2 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Paprika
some Oil
1 pc Beefsteak tomatoes, skinned,
some Tomato paste or ketchup
350 grams Stone Champion
1 cup Coffee
1 tsp Sea salt
1 pc Thai chilli, fresh
2 tbsp Creme fraiche
2 cups Red wine
1 tbsp Mustard
some Gravy
L 1 Broth

Sweet stew Recipe Directions

Peel onions and cut lengthwise and once crosswise several times so that there are six rings, which are annealed and quenched in hot oil with the honey.

The meat should be admitted after about 5 minutes over high heat and fry briefly. Paprika, mustard, add in half and sliced ​​carrots, tomatoes and ketchup and pour after another 5 minutes with a little red wine and coffee. Simmer on low heat. Cut the mushrooms fit, let the chili at a time. The remaining red wine and broth and add gradually to 50-60 minutes and stir in the creme fraiche to the sauce if necessary binder. The supplement, such as mashed potatoes, pasta, potatoes, rice or yam cook. The chili pepper goulash raise from the crush, and then put them back into the really big pot. This stew should have plenty of room to show the flavors that stuck in it.


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