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Sweet Snowmen Recipe

Sweet Snowmen

Recipe Ingredients for Sweet Snowmen

200 grams Marzipan raw material
1 tube yellow and red mid-life color
2 tbsp Orange marmalade
200 grams Biscuits
4 tbsp Almond liqueur
3 tbsp Powdered sugar
100 grams white chocolate coating
100 grams Desiccated coconut
1 tube brown sugar magazine
6 St Cylinder (from the craft store)

Sweet Snowmen Recipe Directions

- 1 teaspoon almond paste and remove the stain with orange food coloring. From this 12 small carrot-colored noses. In the refrigerator to cool.

- Boil the orange jam and press through a sieve.

- Crush biscuits in a freezer bag.

- Rest of marzipan, icing sugar, liqueur, crushed biscuits and knead well Oragenmarmelade.

- Melt chocolate.

- Shape the marzipan with about 12 balls 12 balls with about 10g and 12g. The balls lay on a fork and dip into the chocolate and coconut roll in the shoot. The balls 30 minutes to cool.

- Now give the ball more chocolate and a dab glue on it, the smaller ball for a head. The nose also stick with chocolate coating.

- Paint on eyes with the brown sugar font and buttons. Put on some snowmen a cylinder.

- Done.

- Have fun imitate.


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