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Stuffed Beef Roast Recipe

Stuffed Beef Roast

Recipe Ingredients for Stuffed Beef Roast

2 tbsp Olive oil (1)
150 grams Ground beef
2 pcs Raw pork sausages without skin
1 pc Onion
700 grams Beef at a time
4 Schb Spickspeck
4 pcs Hard boiled eggs
100 grams Parmesan into thin slices
3 tbsp Olive oil (2)
0 38 liters
Tart red wine L 1
Beef broth

Stuffed Beef Roast Recipe Directions

Heat the olive oil (1), dampen onion until soft. Add the remaining ingredients of 1), by steam. Place the meat on a table spread, cover with the bacon. The steamed meat paste to paint, lay eggs and cheese on the turn on top. Everything about a rich and well roll roll wrapped with twine.

Heat the olive oil (2). The role of brown well all around. Deglaze with wine. This can reduce. Add the broth, cover and simmer (depending on the quality of meat) 2 to 3 hours.


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