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Stirfried vegetables with rice Recipe

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Stirfried vegetables with rice

Recipe Ingredients for Stirfried vegetables with rice

Stirfried vegetables with rice ingredients:

50 g Peas (frozen goods)
50 g Bamboo shoots (can)
100 grams Mung bean seedlings
100 grams Sugar snap peas
50 g Carrots
15 grams Cloud ear mushrooms
1 / 4 St red bell pepper
1 no Garlic
1 / 2 St Spanish onion
0 13 St
Leek 240 g
Basmati rice 480 ml
Chicken stock (even cooked glass oad) 0
04 l Plum wine
200 ml Chicken stock (even cooked glass oad)
1 tsp Cornstarch
some Salt
some Sambal Manis
some Soy sauce
3 tbsp Peanut oil

Stirfried vegetables with rice Recipe Directions

Stirfried vegetables with rice preparation:

Clean the vegetables and cut into small bite-size pieces. The oil in wok and fry the vegetables in it. Then pour the 200 ml chicken stock and season with soy sauce, salt, and sambal. Mix the plum wine with the cornflour and stir into the vegetables. Once the boil and serve with the rice.

Rice 480 ml chicken stock and cook even a little salt.


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