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Steak in herbcheese sauce Recipe

Steak in herbcheese sauce

Recipe Ingredients for Steak in herbcheese sauce

4 pcs Pork cutlet
some Salt, Pepper, Paprika sweet
1 pc Egg
some Breadcrumbs
200 grams Herb-cheese spread
300 ml Vegetable broth
some dark gravy
some Cream

Steak in herbcheese sauce Recipe Directions

Nags egg on a plate, bread crumbs on another plate type. Steak on each side with salt, pepper and paprika spice sweet, then move only through the egg and then in the breadcrumbs turn. In a pan with some oil around it and remove the fry.

Vegetable broth to the pan and let it boil, stir in herb-cheese spread. Season with a little cream, then thicken with a dark gravy.

Add steak back and let get hot. These potatoes taste delicious.


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