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Spicy tortilla with blueberries Recipe

Spicy tortilla with blueberries

Recipe Ingredients for Spicy tortilla with blueberries

4th Tortillas 3rd Tsp oil
2nd Apples 1st small red chili pepper
4th Teaspoon brown sugar 1st Pinch of salt
150th g blueberries (frozen) 50th g feta cheese
a few mint leaves

Spicy tortilla with blueberries Recipe Directions

Tortillas in a few drops of hot oil ausgepinselten grill pan fry briefly on both sides. Rinse the apples into quarters, remove seeds and slice. Chili pepper brush, rinse and remove Kernchen. Finely chop chili. Heat the remaining oil in a pan.

Apple and chili cook 3-4 minutes is to sprinkle it with salt and sugar and quantities. Blueberries (without fluid) fold. Spread on the tortilla flat bread and feta cheese crumble it. Sprinkle with some mint leaves.


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