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Smoked salmon plate with three dips Recipe

Smoked salmon plate with three dips

Recipe Ingredients for Smoked salmon plate with three dips

800 grams Smoked salmon
2 pcs Lemons
2 pcs Limes
200 grams grated horseradish ad glass
2 tbsp Cranberry
1 pc Orange
300 grams Cream

Smoked salmon plate with three dips Recipe Directions

Whip the cream until stiff and cut into three portions. The horseradish into three portions and mix with the cream.

The cranberries in 1 serving of raise. The Orange Peel, until skin is not white to see more. Then cut out the fillets, if necessary, remove seeds and cut the flesh is very small. Do not chop and use a very sharp knife so that does not leak so much juice from the pulp. Orange flesh with the second Portion mix.

The third Portion left alone. Serve the salmon on a decorative plate. The citrus fruit wash, dry and slice. Serve on the salmon.

The dips ranging alongside.


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