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Smoked meat onion Recipe

Smoked meat onion

Recipe Ingredients for Smoked meat onion

1 kg Smoked salmon boneless
4 pcs Onions
3 Fl Kuehne Salatfix dressing "herbal-spicy "
1 Stg french white bread
some Parsley and chives

Smoked meat onion Recipe Directions

The Smoked salmon into thin slices. (Pre-cutting bread-slicing machine, or even let the butcher)

Peel and slice the onions into thin slices. Best with the bread-slicing machine.

Now abwecheselnd the flesh like a fan, onions and dressing in layers of a bowl until everything is used up. Sprinkle parsley on top as a flavor enhancer.

The baguette into slices and fry in a pan with olive oil on both sides. Finally, sprinkle with chives.

Decorated on a platter and serve. Suitable as a starter, main course or just to snack.


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