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Skewers of chicken leg meat Recipe

Skewers of chicken leg meat

Recipe Ingredients for Skewers of chicken leg meat

8 St Chicken legs
4 pcs Skewers a 30 cm length
some Pepper, white, broken
some Peppers, sweet
some Salt
some Pepper, rose sharply
2 tbsp Butter

Skewers of chicken leg meat Recipe Directions

Remove the skin from the chicken legs. Make a cut to the bone along and pull the meat apart easily, then so far with the fingers "dig through" can merge up to the fingertips around the bone.

Continue now with the closed fingers along the bone, thereby triggering the meat from the bones. At the joint with a few twists to solve the connection of the bones. Well, the first cooking are pulled out.

So with the second bone proceed.

The remains (skin and bones) may be frozen and when necessary be boiled in a soup, or used as a basis for a sauce.

Now put the pieces of meat on the skewers. Very small pieces of meat may also previously be rolled up like a snail.

Then sprinkle with the lush spices and fry the skewers in hot fat on both sides for 1 minute. Then fry with greatly reduced heat for 5 minutes per side.

Serve with a cabbage salad, herb butter and French bread.


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