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Schwed Sauce Recipe

Schwed. Sauce , Schwed. Sauce ingredients , Schwed. Sauce preparation,Schwed. Sauce recipe

Recipe Ingredients for Schwed Sauce

Schwed Sauce ingredients:

1 pc Basic mayonnaise recipe
2 pcs Apples
1 / 4 liter White wine
4 tbsp Whipped cream
4 tsp Horseradish
2 tbsp Vinegar
2 tsp Sugar
some Salt
some Pepper
some Worcestershire sauce

Schwed Sauce Recipe Directions

Schwed Sauce preparation:

The peeled, cored, cut into small pieces Boil the apples in white wine, can paint through a sieve and cool. The basic mayonnaise with the apples, horseradish, vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper, to taste a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and whipped cream until finally the subject.


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