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Sauces levels drop

Sauces levels drop

Ingredients for Sauces levels drop

One Bch Custard
1 Fl Raspberry sauce

Sauces levels drop Directions

Raspberry sauce in a plastic bottle filled with a pointed spout.

A sauce-mirror can be used for many desserts. However, one must operate cleanly and carefully, in order to achieve an equivalent effect.

Dessert plates before serving, refrigerate, then do not run the sauces.

The bottom plate is filled with custard. At the edge of the Nozzles are placed with points of raspberry sauce. It must be a corresponding distance between the points are observed (photo).

With a stick (from the Chinese restaurant), drive through the circular points.

In the middle of the corresponding ice cream, pie, mousse, etc. set. Serve immediately.


Sauces levels spiral
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