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Sandwich di Pollo Recipe

Sandwich di Pollo

Recipe Ingredients for Sandwich di Pollo

8 Schb Toast (preferably the Great)
3rd Chicken breasts (cooked) 1 / 2
Romaine lettuce (cut into fine strips) 5th Cherry tomatoes or 1 tomato
Mayonnaise (preferably the self-made)
Butter (soft)
Salt & pepper
Worcestershire sauce

Sandwich di Pollo Recipe Directions

Preparation: Let's say you have not prepared chicken broth: Boil the water, bay leaf, salt, garlic, onion, peeled and give a bit of celery. All together 10 minutes boil, then give the breasts for about 10 minutes to do so. Take the meat out and let it cool down and later cut into strips and season with lemon juice, salt, pepper and Worcestershire. Wash the lettuce and cut into thin strips, as are the tomatoes. The mayonnaise (homemade) to prepare. Stove, or turn on the grill. The slices of toast spread with soft butter and lightly brown under the grill can be. Next, you must spread the ungetoastete, with about a tablespoon ungebutterte page mayonnaise. Half of the disks, so evidence in this case, 4 discs, with a small handful of lettuce, then chicken out, and finally the tomato slices. A little salt and pepper. Now comes the other slice of toast on top. If you want to have these typical curvature, then simply push the toast on the side a bit, but here you should leave in advance on the border between the panes have a little space (1-2 cm). Shortly before serving time under the grill and eventually cut through diagonally. Finish is a little piece of Italy ... p>


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