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Salads Recipe

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Recipe Ingredients for Salads

Salads ingredients:

For the potato salad
400 grams and new red potatoes
1 zw Rosemary
1 zw Dill
2 zw Sage
300 grams Asparagus, cooked
1 / 2 gl Mayonnaise
1 gl Capers
For the bean salad
800 grams green beans
3rd Garlic cloves 6 tbsp
Oil 3 zw
Basil 1st Onion
2 tbsp Lemon juice
125 grams toasted, chopped hazelnuts
some Salt and pepper

Salads Recipe Directions

Salads preparation:

Wash the potatoes, cut into columns and in plenty of salted water to cook: For the potato salad. The herbal wash, shake dry and chop, cut the asparagus into pieces. The potatoes with mayonnaise, asparagus, capers and herbs mix. Season with salt and pepper and maybe sprinkle with sage flowers.

For the bean salad: Blanch the beans and wash. Remove and chop garlic with oil in the blender. Rinse the basil, shake dry, cut leaves into strips. Peel the onion dice, and saute in a little garlic oil with the lemon juice and give the remaining oil over the beans. Fold in the nuts. Season with salt and pepper.


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