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Rookiefrying Recipe


Recipe Ingredients for Rookiefrying

1 kg Boar back
1 / 2 l Red wine
some Thyme
some Sage
some Pepper
some Salt
200 grams Spicy vegetables
1 pc Onion
150 grams Butter
3 pc Eggs
3 tbsp Breadcrumbs
some Sugar
some Cinnamon
1 pc Lemon
150 grams dried cherries

Rookiefrying Recipe Directions

Thyme, sage, pepper and salt, mix well and rub so that the boar's back.

Then braise the meat with the chopped vegetables and onion in spicy red wine.

While braising the meat from time to time with its own juice over them. Butter, eggs, bread crumbs, a little sugar and a pinch of cinnamon Mix together well and spread to the soft, well-drained meat. The coated boar back in the oven then briefly baked. The sieved sauce with cherries and grated lemon zest and season to taste with lemon juice. The sliced ​​meat on a preheated plate and garnish with the sauce poured over it.


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