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Roast stuffed with pistachios Recipe

Roast stuffed with pistachios

Recipe Ingredients for Roast stuffed with pistachios

1 60 kg
Steak roast (can cut to the disk) something
Salt and pepper 126 grams
cooked ham 3 pc
ungebrühte fine sausages (about 400g) 2 tbsp
Pistachio kernels 2 tbsp
Oil 1 kg
Carrots 3 pc
Onions 1 tsp
dried Italian herbs 3 tsp
Broth 4 pcs
Tomatoes 1 / 2 bunch

Roast stuffed with pistachios Recipe Directions

Pat dry meat, season with salt and pepper. Finely dice the ham. Sausage meat from the skin, press. Knead with ham and pistachios. Remove meat to a half. Roll of the coated side, stuck with wooden skewers and tie into shape.

Heat the oil in a large roasting pan. Meat to sear all around. Peel the carrots and onions, cut into small pieces and fry briefly. Season with salt, pepper and herbs. Broth in about 3 / 4 liters of hot water dissolve, pour in half. Cover and simmer about 11 / 2 hours.

Wash tomatoes. Give with remaining broth for 1 hour to the meat and finish cooking.

Roast lift out, remove twine and skewers. Fund to taste. Wash parsley. Serve sprinkled with parsley everything ud.

To taste salt potatoes.


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