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Roast piglet Recipe

Roast piglet

Recipe Ingredients for Roast piglet

1500 g Wild boar piglet v
Salt 250 ml
hot water 250 ml
Red wine 2 pcs
Onions 2 tbsp
Currant jelly 1 tbsp
Cornstarch something
sour cream

Roast piglet Recipe Directions

Rub the meat with salt, cut the fat like a grid, set up with the fat in a greased grill pan and place in the oven.

If the drippings tans, pour some hot water and a little red wine into the pan.

The cut onions into quarters, add 15 before end of roasting time Minunten. During frying should be very high in fat have escaped, the Fettabschöpfen and then from the losgekochten browned bits, the remaining hot water, the remaining red wine and red currant jelly on the hotplate, the sauce cook and (mixed with water and cream) with the cornstarch to bind

Fry 210 degrees about 2 hours - at 200.


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