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Roast green dream Recipe

Roast green dream

Recipe Ingredients for Roast green dream

250 grams TK-leaf spinach
150 grams cooked ham
1 no Garlic
1 pc Egg
some Salt, pepper, nutmeg
1 kg Roast pork roll
some Salt, pepper, paprika
150 grams Bacon slices
2 tsp Olive oil
0 13 l
Red wine 0
13 l Water
200 grams Creme fraiche

Roast green dream Recipe Directions

Thaw the spinach. Ham cubes and squeeze the garlic clove. Then the spinach with bacon, garlic and the egg is mixed and seasoned. The meat is then rolled apart. The fill paint on it. All rolled up and rub with the spices. Then wrap with the bacon slices and wrap them with kitchen string. Heat oil and brown the meat rundrum now. Add the wine and water and bring to a boil. Then simmer all 60 minutes. The roast on a plate and season the sauce with crème fraiche and the spices. Serve with boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes.


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