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Roast chicken in oven Recipe

Roast chicken in oven

Recipe Ingredients for Roast chicken in oven

1 pc Chicken
some Salt
40 g Bacon slices
125 ml Water
5 tbsp sour cream
1 tsp Cornstarch
1 tbsp Water for mixing

Roast chicken in oven Recipe Directions

The plucked, singed and gutted Wash chicken or the chicken briefly, from the inside with salt and wrap in bacon slices or spread with fat. The chicken on the grill place the grill pan with water, rinsed and put in the oven. Once the meat browns set, pour some hot water into the frying pan rust.

When the chicken is cooked, prepared from the drippings losgekochten, the required amount of water, sour cream and stir in the starch on the stove or flame on the burner to the sauce.


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