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Roast Goose Recipe

Roast Goose

Recipe Ingredients for Roast Goose

1 pc Goose kg about 4
some Salt
some Pepper
some Mugwort
some Marjoram
4 pcs Sour apples
1 large Onion
2 pcs Garlic cloves
3 Stg Leeks
1 bunch Parsley
1 pc Carrot
1 / 4 St Celery tuber
1 / 2 l Salt water

Roast Goose Recipe Directions

Rub the goose inside and out with salt, pepper, sage and marjoram. Cut the apples into quarters, free from the cores and mix with two sliced ​​leeks into rings in a bowl, add salt and pepper it, and sprinkle with dried and fresh herbs. The goose sew or slip him with toothpicks. Entangle the wings under the back, laced with a long piece of kitchen twine and thighs so the wings to the body, something that sticks out anywhere, and can possibly burn.

The skin with a fork, wherever you may suspect a thick layer of fat underneath. This allows the fat fry better, and the skin is crispy. The goose with the breast side up in the deep fat frying pan put the oven, sprinkle shredded coarse roots around it and the goose with the boiling water for a moment. Push for 4 hours in 160 degree oven.

Set after the expiration of four hours, the goose on a rack over a sheet. Brush with salt water and place back in the off oven until the sauce is ready to be served. Pour the gravy through a sieve, put the root vegetables well. The juice of one minutes let stand to allow the fat collects on the surface and you can pour it carefully. The clear juice left on the fire bubbling boil. This combines with the remaining fat to the gravy as an emulsion and yields a bound, light sauce.


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