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Roast Goose basic recipe Recipe

Roast Goose basic recipe

Recipe Ingredients for Roast Goose basic recipe

1 pc Goose (young, fresh possible)
5 tbsp Salt (or more / less)
3 pc Apples (or more / less)
3 pc Onions
2 Stg Mugwort
2 liters Water
1 Fl Beer (your choice)

Roast Goose basic recipe Recipe Directions

The goose should be prepared the evening before the preparation is to say: If it is frozen, thaw it needs it if it is fresh, one must remove the giblets. Then wash the goose thoroughly under running water, dry with a cloth and rub well with salt inside and out. Then let stand overnight cold.

The following day the abdominal cavity with apples, onions and sage is filled and sewn shut. Then put the goose in a roasting pan filled with water and place in the preheated oven. There they must cook for about 40 minutes at 250 degrees Celsius. Then it turns down the heat to 200 degrees and fry the goose crispy. It takes three to four hours - depending on how big the bird. Be poured during the roasting the goose must alternate with water and the exiting fat.

About half an hour before serving, take the goose out of the roasting pan and place them on the grill. Then it is brushed with beer and the temperature of the stove turned up again at 250 degrees Celsius - until it is crispy brown.


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