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Rice pudding

Rice pudding

Ingredients for Rice pudding

250 grams Rice
700 ml Or tomato juice
500 ml tomato sauce
250 ml Water
1 Wf Broth
1 pc Onion
4 tbsp Peas
1 pc Pepper
1 Stg Leek
4 tbsp Corn
2 pcs Carrots
250 grams small diced turkey meat
something Mussels, crabs, shrimp
1 pc Mozzarella
6 Schb Cheese
something grated cheese

Rice pudding Directions

This casserole is ideal for the leftovers. Actually, you can pour in all that you have just in the house. And according to taste preferences and it can also cook without meat or fish. Sauté the meat in advance deposit. Then the rice in tomato juice with all ingredients and vegetable bouillon cubes, parboil the short. Add the meat, fish or shellfish. Stir well. Cheese on top, here you can also use leftover cheese fine. All for about 30-40 minutes at 220 degrees in the oven. Possibly. can to some creme fraiche or sour cream (sour cream) rich.


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