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Rice salad with seafood Recipe

Rice salad with seafood , Rice salad with seafood ingredients , Rice salad with seafood preparation,Rice salad with seafood recipe

Rice salad with seafood

Recipe Ingredients for Rice salad with seafood

Rice salad with seafood ingredients:

100 grams steamed basmati rice
Seafood salad from the glass
1st Orange 1st Carrot
1 Stg Leeks
Bean sprouts
Lobster chips
One Bch Plain yogurt (1
5% fat)
Salt and pepper 50 ml
Mango juice

Rice salad with seafood Recipe Directions

Rice salad with seafood preparation:

The seafood salad and mix with the rice strain. The Orange Peel, cut into cubes, brushing the carrot, cut into thin strips and add to the rice mixture. Wash the leeks and cut into thin rings and coarsely chop the cashew nuts raise along with the bean sprouts in the mix. Season to taste For the dressing, plain yogurt with salt, pepper and mango juice as desired. The rice salad with dressing. Serve with chips recommend an excellent lobster.


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