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Apple cake (recipe grandmother) (Prajitura cu mere (reteta bunicii))

Execution time and complexity (low complexity)

Apple cake (recipe grandmother) Ingredients

Ingredients: 5 apples (Golden variety) 3 eggs, 150 g honey 150 g flour 200 g butter. For caramel - 20 pieces of sugar (100 g). (For 6-8 people)

Apple cake (recipe grandmother) Preparation

Cooking: Preheat oven to 180? C and prepared caramel, putting the fire in a thick bottomed pannikin, sugar with 2 tablespoons water. When she starts to yellow, pour it into a removable form walls that a lean on all sides so that caramelized sugar to cover both the bottom, and walls. Clean the apples and cut them into quarters. Melt butter and mix it with eggs, honey and flour (in food processor or with a whisk). Place apples in pan over caramel sugar, pour over the dough and give them cake in oven 40 minutes. After you remove it from the oven, pour it on a platter and serve it hot or cold.


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