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Pork with apricot and leek vegetables Recipe

Pork with apricot and leek vegetables

Recipe Ingredients for Pork with apricot and leek vegetables

5 Stg Leeks thin rods
285 g Apricots can
4th Kassel neck chops with 200 grams
Pepper 2 tbsp
Butter 125 ml
Instant vegetable stock 2 tbsp
Honey 3 tbsp
Oil 500 grams
1 package of noodles from the refrigerated section 4 tbsp
Butter 1 tsp
Cornstarch 1 pinch
Fruit vinegar

Pork with apricot and leek vegetables Recipe Directions

1st Leeks, washed halve lengthwise, and cut into about 1 cm wide strips. Drain the apricots (catch juice) and cut into narrow columns. Rinse chops and pepper and pat dry.

2nd Sauté leeks in hot butter. Pour the vegetable stock and about 50 ml apricot juice, salt, pepper, and cook al dente.

3rd Meanwhile, the chops on both sides spread with honey and fry in hot oil on each side 4 minutes.

4th The noodles in melted butter until golden brown.

5th Leeks with the tie in the mixed water cornstarch. Season with salt, pepper, cloves and fruit vinegar, heat the apricot columns in it.

6th Pork chops with salt and serve with vegetables and noodles.

Beverage Tip: fruity white wine p>


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