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Pizza bread Pipon

Pizza bread Pipon

Ingredients for Pizza bread Pipon

1 pc Baguette
1 tbsp Tomato paste
500 grams Ground beef
some Salt and pepper
1 pc Eggs
12 Schb Cheese
1 pc Peppers

Pizza bread Pipon Directions

Baguette in half in length, spread with butter. Wash peppers and cut into small cubes. About 3-4 slices of cheese into small cubes.

Ground beef, egg, tomato paste, salt, pepper (depending on taste) in a bowl. The total mass of mix.

The finished mixture over the bread, about ten minutes in the oven.

After about 10-15 minutes to get back out baguette and the remaining cheese slices on the baguette so that everything is covered.

Now the baguette again for about 5 minutes slide into the oven. Run until the cheese is nice.

The last step is now only cut the baguette into pieces of any size.

Who makes the bread for guests can also peel tomatoes plates for decoration, you catch it at the bottom of the tomato, peel with a vegetable peelers the whole tomatoes. Then they roll the drawer, this is a beautiful rose that always leaves a good impression with guests.


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