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Pineapple and ham steak topped with melted cheese

Pineapple and ham steak topped with melted cheese

Ingredients for Pineapple and ham steak topped with melted cheese

1 box Aananas into slices
4 pcs Pork cutlet
something Salt, Pepper, Paprika sweet
1 pc Egg
something Breadcrumbs
something Oil
2 Bch Cream
4 Schb Ham
something Gravy
100 grams grated cheese
something Vegetable broth
something Coconut flakes to taste

Pineapple and ham steak topped with melted cheese Directions

Breadcrumbs on a plate, Klepper on another egg. Both sides of steak with salt, pepper and paprika spice, then move only through the egg and then in the breadcrumbs turn. In a sauté pan with some oil remove. Drain pineapple, juice absorb it. Schnikenscheiben half.

4 Ananascheiben aside, the rest cut into pieces into the frying fat and give something can braise. Deglaze with the cream and about 50 ml pineapple juice. Season with vegetable broth and thicken with corn flour.

Pour sauce into a baking dish, place steak on it. Place on each cutlet two halves ham, sprinkle one Ananascheibe and then cheese. Is in the oven until the cheese is golden brown and crispy nice run.

Steak with sauce on plates and sprinkle with coconut flakes to taste it yet :-)

Serve with rice, pasta, French fries, potato ...


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