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Pastries filled with eggplant Recipe

Pastries filled with eggplant

Recipe Ingredients for Pastries filled with eggplant

275 g Flour
1 / 2 tsp Salt
75 grams Butter
250 grams Half-fat cottage cheese
2 tbsp Water
1 pc Onion
1 pc Garlic
300 grams Eggplant
some Butter
2 pcs Diced tomatoes
125 grams Fresh goat cheese or cottage cheese
2 tbsp Parsley
2 tsp Thyme
some Salt
some Pepper
1 pc Egg

Pastries filled with eggplant Recipe Directions

For the dough mix flour and salt. Add butter and rub into a crumbly mass, forming a trough. Cottage cheese and pour in water. Together to form a dough, do not knead. Wrapped in foil and refrigerate thirty minutes.

Andämpfen For the filling, onions, garlic and eggplant in butter over low heat with occasional turning five minutes, let cool slightly. Tomatoes, cheese and herbs including seasoning mix.

A little flour on dough Roll out three mm thick. Roundels of about twelve inches in diameter cut out. Per 1 tablespoon filling in the middle of the roundels are. Dough over the filling beat, so as to produce half-moons, press down well. Donuts on the place occupied sheet with parchment paper. Brush with egg.

In the middle of a preheated oven at 220 ° C bake for about fifteen minutes.


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