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Onion vegetarian Recipe

Onion vegetarian

Recipe Ingredients for Onion vegetarian

1 Pk Puff pastry (refrigerated section)
One Bch Crème fraiche
1 bunch Parsley
6 St Onions (red)
2 pcs Eggs
some Salt, pepper, paprika
some ground cumin
some Sugar about 1 tsp
some Oil

Onion vegetarian Recipe Directions

Peel the onion and slice into rings. In a sauté pan with some oil. Add sugar, salt and cumin. Set aside. Chop the parsley.

The crème fraîche with the eggs, parsley and spices mix. Give the pastry into a quiche form (shape and an edge). Distribute the onions on the dough. The egg mass pour.

In oven at 200 ° C for about 25 minutes until golden brown.


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