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Onion steak pie with cream cheese

Onion steak pie with cream cheese

Ingredients for Onion steak pie with cream cheese

500 grams Pork loin roast (Lummer, pork almost)
250 grams Creme fraiche
2 pcs Onions
200 grams grated cheese
something Salt
something Pepper, white, broken
2 tbsp 8-herbs (frozen goods)

Onion steak pie with cream cheese Directions

Slice the roast into thin slices. (Approximately 16 pieces)

Cream with salt and pepper spicy.

Onions into very fine dice and mix with the cream.

First pass some of the cream on the bottom of a baking dish. It lay next to each other like so many slices of pork have room. Then delete some of the cream on top and sprinkle with some grated cheese. So on continue until only one layer of meat is left.

This Sprinkle with the herbs and then use again the cream and the cheese. The last layer of cheese should be very abundant.

In oven at 175 ° C for 45 minutes to cook. May cover just before the end of cooking the mold with foil to prevent burning of the cheese.

Serve with fresh bread and a crisp seasonal salad with vinaigrette.


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