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Mulled wine roast Recipe

Mulled wine roast

Recipe Ingredients for Mulled wine roast

1 kg Roast beef
1 / 2 l Mulled wine
2 pcs Onions
some Salt
some Peppercorns
some Allspice, juniper berries
some Rosemary, bay leaf
some Thyme
1 tbsp Cranberries
some Cream

Mulled wine roast Recipe Directions

Salt, pepper, allspice, juniper, rosemary, bay leaf and thyme in a mortar or similar finely ground and rub the flesh so. (You can also rely on ready-to wild spice)

Cut the onions into small cubes

Now the meat in a little oil around it and fry then add the diced onion and hot wine. Now continue stewing about 1.5-2 hours at low heat.

At close to the 1-2 spoons add cranberries and season the sauce with the cream and a little more salt and pepper.


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