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Mixed vegetables in cheese sauce

Mixed vegetables in cheese sauce

Ingredients for Mixed vegetables in cheese sauce

500 grams Broccoli
250 grams Carrots
100 grams Spinach leaves
150 grams Cauliflower
L 1 Vegetable broth
125 grams Etorkikäsecreme

Mixed vegetables in cheese sauce Directions

Clean and slice the vegetables into bite-size pieces.

The broth to a boil. First, add the carrots. Once the boil. Then add the remaining vegetables and bring to a boil again.

All three minutes to boil. Then trace through a sieve and collect the liquid.

The vegetables into a casserole dish.

Mix the cheese with as much broth until it thickens. Then the vegetables to mix and bake at 100 ° C for 7 minutes to warm. The remaining vegetable broth or TK for Vorsuppe process conditions and use for the next cook vegetables. The more often the broth is used, the stronger and spicier it becomes.


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