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Mixed Pasta Bake

Mixed Pasta Bake

Ingredients for Mixed Pasta Bake

1 Pk Crabs (125 grams)
300 grams Ham (one piece)
300 grams Noodles
2 Stg Spring onions
350 grams brown mushrooms
something Salt and pepper
2 Pk Fix for pasta ham gratin
something Fat
200 ml Cream
300 grams grated cheese

Mixed Pasta Bake Directions

Dice the ham, cut fat edge. Spring onions, wash well and cut into small rings. Clean mushrooms and slice.

Cook pasta, drain and put off. Heat the sauce according to package insert. A little cooking oil in a frying pan and sauté mushrooms with the onions together and season with pepper, salt at the very end, otherwise add the mushrooms off as much water.

Cook the pasta in 4 ramekins and spread salt and pepper. Diced ham spread, crab spread. Preheat oven to 180 degrees

The onion-mushroom mixture to distribute the forms and mix well. Distribute as needed once noodles on top and mix well again.

Then distribute the sauce evenly over all the casserole dishes. Again with salt and pepper as needed. Finally add the grated cheese spread on top. And casseroles in the oven golden brown, about 20 minutes, baked.


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