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Meatloaf in paprika cream sauce Recipe

Meatloaf in paprika cream sauce

Recipe Ingredients for Meatloaf in paprika cream sauce

500 grams acc
Ground beef 1 Pk
Hackbratenfix 2 pcs
red peppers 1 pc
yellow peppers One Bch
Cream 2 Pk
Gravy something
Vegetable broth

Meatloaf in paprika cream sauce Recipe Directions

Hackbratenfix touch with 125 ml of water and mix with the minced meat. Form a roast and place in a baking dish. Clean and slice peppers into large dice. To distribute the meat loaf. Stir sauce powder in 400 ml of water and the cream and season to taste with vegetable broth. In casting about 45 minutes in the oven and baked. To taste French fries, croquettes, potatoes or pasta and salad.


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