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Meat loafpan Recipe

Meat loafpan

Recipe Ingredients for Meat loafpan

3 Schb Meatloaf
50 g Feta
1 pc Tomato
2 pcs pickled peppers, mild
5 St Olives with red pepper paste
some dried basil
some Compacts for sprinkling herbs

Meat loafpan Recipe Directions

The meat loaf in a small pan set.

The tomato Wash, clean, chop and distribute the meat loaf around in the pan.

Drain the olives and pepperoni. The peppers into slices and spread in the pan. The olives into quarters and also spread into the pan.

The feta into small cubes and distribute them to the other ingredients. Sprinkle with the herbs and basil.

The whole in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 15 minutes in pans and bake and serve.


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