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Lye confectionery snacks Recipe

Lye confectionery snacks

Recipe Ingredients for Lye confectionery snacks

5 St Liquor filled chocolates
6 tsp Toscana cheese
2 Schb Sliced ​​cheese
3 Schb Turkey breast
10 Schb Cucumber
5 St dried tomatoes
5 St Olives stuffed with almonds
10 pc Toothpick
some Paprika and chives to sprinkle on top

Lye confectionery snacks Recipe Directions

The liquor confectionary slice lengthwise and coat with the cream cheese.

Cut out from the turkey breast with a cutter 20 pieces and spread on the candy. Per piece 2 pieces of turkey breast.

Gouge out of the 10 pieces of cheese and one piece each, per lye candy, give out.

The cucumber slices cut out also with the same form and give one piece of candy on each cucumber slice.

Olives in half lengthwise. Tomatoes cut into two pieces.

One each tomato and half an olive on a toothpick or skewer. On the liquor and give candy stuck.

The sweets on a plate and sprinkle with paprika and dried chives.


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