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Knusperkotelett with dips Recipe

Knusperkotelett with dips

Recipe Ingredients for Knusperkotelett with dips

100 grams Tomato paste
200 grams Ketchup
1 pc Onion
3rd Pickles, diced 1 box
Sweet corn (425 ml)
Sea salt, coarse 250 grams
Quark 2 tbsp
Lemon juice 2nd Garlic
1st Shallot 2 bunches
Chives, chopped
Sea salt, coarse 4th Pork chops, each approx 200g
Sea salt, coarse
1 tsp Paprika
2 pcs Eggs
150 grams Crumbled corn flakes
4 tbsp Butter

Knusperkotelett with dips Recipe Directions

1.Tomatenmark with ketchup mix. Peel the onion dice, stir in cucumber, drained corn on the ground ketchup. Salt and pepper.

2.Quark with juice until smooth. Garlic, shallot subtract dice, to undergo with chives. Season.

3.Koteletts Rinse, pat dry, season with salt, pepper, paprika. In flour, pass through the beaten eggs and then turn into the cornflakes. The chops in hot butter cook.

4th Chops and dips can cause possible, garnish with lemon and served with potato wedges as desired.


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