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Knuckle in Black Beer Recipe

Knuckle in Black Beer

Recipe Ingredients for Knuckle in Black Beer

1500 g Knuckle
L 1 Black beer
L 1 Water
2 pcs Tomatoes
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Pepper
1 pinch Cumin powder
2 pcs Garlic cloves
1 pc Onion
some Parsley

Knuckle in Black Beer Recipe Directions

Knuckle cut and rub with salt, pepper and cumin powder. Place in a roasting tin and knuckle with half the water poured over it. Minutes in the preheated oven about 120 fry. Meanwhile, every now and then cover with water. Onion into quarters and after about 10 minutes to add the knuckle. After 100 min the knuckle brush with the dark beer.

After the 120 minutes the knuckle remove and keep warm. While eating the tomatoes in half and cook in hot oven. Meat juices diluted with water and seven. Knuckle of pork on a platter, garnish with the grilled tomato halves and garnish with the parsley.


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