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Ketchup Recipes Recipe

Ketchup Recipes

Recipe Ingredients for Ketchup Recipes

1 kg Onions
500 grams Sugar
500 grams Carrots
1 pinch Clove
1 pc Garlic
1 / 4 liter Wine vinegar
500 grams Celery
1 tbsp Mustard powder
2 kg Tomatoes
2 pcs Chilli peppers as desired

Ketchup Recipes Recipe Directions

Onions. Garlic, celery and carrot cubes, chop the tomatoes, filled with chili peppers in a pot. Pepper, allspice and cloves add. Cover and cook for about one and a half hours. Pass through the vegetable mill, pour back into the pot. Add the mustard powder, vinegar and sugar over medium heat for about half an hour thicken thickens. Ketchup filling boiling hot into jars and seal immediately. It holds so for weeks. The opened glass but must be used up quickly.


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