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Hot Pepper Cream Soup Recipe

Hot Pepper Cream Soup

Recipe Ingredients for Hot Pepper Cream Soup

1 no finely chopped garlic
2 large green peppers
2 pcs Mette ligand (or 2 yellow bell peppers)
500 grams Tomatoes
1 / 2 l Chicken broth
1 / 4 St Chili pepper
1 tbsp Pepper Paste (or Aivar)
2 tbsp sour cream
16 pcs Cubes of cheese (Edam cheese, or dill)

Hot Pepper Cream Soup Recipe Directions

The sliced ​​ends Mette omit it in the casserole. Removal and the chopped peppers, and saute the garlic in it.

500 g tomatoes and remove core. Sauté. The chicken broth, salt, add the chopped chilli. Season with Aivar and sour cream.

Cheese cubes enter into soup bowls, soup and serve immediately pass on it.


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